Raise Cambodia

Knitted Bears for students

Guest Speaker – Our member Kate shared her recent Cambodian trip. Travelling with three school friends including Past President of Moonah, Charmaine White, they were able to visit the two schools and village that Anne and her husband support through their charity Raise Cambodia. The country  is still recovering from the Pol Pot genocide in the seventies. Most of the middle class intellectuals were murdered, leaving a “Brain Drain” and the encouragement of education is much needed to alleviate the generational poverty that still exists. Taskor village is across the river from Phnom Penh city, often floods and has no fresh water.

Family living in Dump Community

Raise has installed a water pump to bring fresh water from the underground spring and a toilet, which has to service 50O homes. The SALT School is run by a married Cambodian couple  and twenty of the 100 students live at the school and are cared for by this amazing couple. RAISE funds this school since the organisation that originally built the school withdrew its support. The School of Hope in Phnom Penh is a small school run a young Christian couple to provide basic education to the local children that live and work in the Dump Communities. These families scavenger through rubbish for salvage to sell. Parents  are slowly allowing the children to attend the school a few hours a week. The children enjoy the interaction and many are encouraged to continue on with education. It was a busy week and included a visit to the amazing Angkor Wat temple in Siem Reap.  However, without doubt the highlight was the interaction with the beautiful Cambodian children and seeing what great work Raise is doing. Our suitcases were full of donated uniforms, knitted bears and the much needed educational items. Many thanks for the support of the Club with a $200 donation to Raise. It will be used wisely and with much gratitude.

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