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 We are facilitating ANNUAL Mental Health EXPO’s for the community.  Our club is serious about helping both those who are suffering with a mental illness and those who care for those suffering.  Our aim is to bring together all those health professionals and services that can help, in the ONE ROOM – so that those searching for answers can find them easily under the one roof.  We particularly want to help our youth in Southern Tasmania – so they know how many organisations out there can help them.  Please go to UPCOMING EVENTS PAGE to find out more details. 

We aim to help as many local people, families and worthy organisations as possible each year.  When we identify a need, we work tirelessly until we have successfully completed the project or raised enough funds to help those in need.  Each year our lists of accomplishments grow, and the members are proud to see the difference we have made in the local community.

If you want to know more up to date details on the community projects that the club has recently undertaken – please ask the club directors or the current club president.


 Some of the worthy Moonah Rotary club projects:


Donations from Moonah for the ART FOR THE HEART project in aid of the Victorian bush fire victims

 ** Australian Rotary Health – look at separate web page on the  Tasmanian Rotary website for more details on this Rotary program.  We donate a sizable amount to this every year, and request that the money goes into research areas that will help Australian’s, but in particular we request that the funds go into Mental Health Research GRANTS.

** BOWELSCAN (A low cost – statewide Rotary health initiative to detect the early signs of Bowel Cancer for the over 40’s age group in our community.  

** Live Free Tassie (A long term live in –  youth program to help addicted youth that want to beat their addictions.)  We provided two separate donations to this wonderful organisation.  The second and bigger of the two donations was partly supported financially by a Rotary district matching grant.  We gave nearly $2,ooo to enable the supply of new GYM EQUIPMENT to re-equip the team after a devastating fire destroyed their previous gym & all their equipment on the property. 

** Men’s Shed projects (West Moonah Community House)


** Educational INFORMATION days for Hobart’s Dog Owners

**RSPCA – Fundraisers

** Hobart Women’s Shelter – Glenorchy

** Mara House projects

** The Beacon Foundation. (See the District/Tasmanian website for more info)

** Assistance for our DROUGHT STRICKEN FARMERS, their communities & all the affected schools in those Tasmanian Rural districts.  

** A Variety of different fundraising initiatives for the communities & individuals from the recent devastating Victorian Bush Fire’s.  

** ART from the HEART- Artworks for the families in Victoria that were affected by the bushfires & left with nothing but bare walls to look at in their tempory homes like a tin sheds/containers.  

** Sailability (Sailing for the disabled).

** Kalang (Horse) Riding School for the people witha disability in Glenorchy.  

**SWAG’s for the Homeless Project in the Hobart region.

** SECOND BITE  (Providing assistance in collecting fresh food, vegetables & pantry items from Supermarkets & farmers to hand out at shelters & to the needy)  

** Helping out with Tasmania Day Celebrations.  

** Local Community event BBQ’s.  

** Helping with specific projects for people with a disability in the community.  

** Probus clubs (providing social outings & lasting friendships for some of our vital seniors in the community)

** Christmas Stockings for those less fortunate in the community

** We are also involved in a HUGE VARIETY of YOUTH based programs in the community, which you will find more details on our club YOUTH web page.

** There is also a large range of Community Health programs that benifit the community that we as a club wholeheartily support.  Again you will find these listed on the Club HEALTH web page.

See below for a range of recent photos displaying some of the programs listed above.


Moonah Rotarian Caroline Farquhar with Kalang Riding school staff, client & one of the beautiful riding horses.


2009 HALLOWEEN BBQ held in Moonah



Tony Oliver with Taroona High students

Moonah Rotarians David Devereux & Alan Warren @ Halloween BBQ Dec 2009


Caroline Farquhar handing over a cheque to Marion Spaulding & Alison Shoobridge from the CWA down on the Tasman


Moonah Rotarian David Devereux with his community award winning Grandson in 2009


Glenorchy Preceinct BBQ

Caroline Farquhar at the Drought Network Tent, in front of CWA Photos @ the Campbell Town Show. Friday 29th May 2009.



Fits perfectly !!

The First ever OUSE FAMILY FUN RUN. We helped to organise & run on the day !!










ART FOR THE HEART project for the Victims of the Vic Bush Fires



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