Micro loan credit

Dedicated Moonah Rotarian Denis McKercher has supported this amazing international project for several years now.  It is a project that all his fellow Moonah club members back whole heartedly & congratulate him on all his hard work & dedication in keeping on top of all the loans he has scattered around the globe on the club’s behalf……

Rita Baidya supports her family in Calcutta. India through her farm micro loan Microcredit recipients make pottery in Saradapally, Calcutta, India

The basic idea is that the club put’s up $25.00 Australian dollars for each loan & depending on how much the person needs to cover their business expenses the “loan” can be made up from 5 or 6 different groups of people from anywhere around the world –  That way the investment “if lost” it is only a small loss.  But that is rare….Mostly the money is paid back very quickly & then Denis can find another worthy recipient with a great entrepreneurial business idea.

This is a wonderful International project that helps individuals help themselves !! 


A husband and wife run a small grocery stand in Joypul, Calcutta, India, thanks to a microcredit loan

The variety of reasons that loans that are requested & then granted are astounding……

  • Buying chickens that will provide eggs to sell.

  • Buying vegetable seeds to plant crops to sell or barter with.

  • Ladies purchasing  sewing machines to provide mending & dress making services to help feed their families.

  • Families requesting funds to purchase  livestock to breed & therefore either on-sell, or get by- products (Like milk, eggs, fleece etc) from them for ongoing family income.

  • Material to make clothes.

  • Stock to sell at markets

  • Ingrediants to make bulk products

  • Materials to make things (like timber, or pottery)

  • The lists go on………

Catiana Doufi bathes in the Rio Bajabonico, which runs beside her home in a batey in La Grua, Dominican Republic. who introduced the bio-sand water filter




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