Disaster Aid Update

PP Ted Burton with Barry demonstrating the SkyHydrant

Our Guest Speaker PP Ted Burton was introduced to talk about Smart Aid and the Safe Water Program.  Smart Aid is an initiative of Disaster Aid Australia which was established to provide emergency relief aid. Tents were provided for shelter but eventually the tent cities became a problem.  Smart Aid was then introduced to involve the affected community in the solution to their  needs and then responding accordingly. Building supplies etc are sourced locally giving the locals a sense of purpose and supporting the local economy. Safe Water Solutions: Ted gave a fascinating demonstration as to the use of the SkyHydrant Water Filtration system.  Australian made, the SkyHydrant is a proven sustainable method of removing all bacteria and dirt, produces 1000 litres of safe water an hour and will last 10 years. Villages using them have a proven decrease in dysentery.  120 schools in Bhutan have been identified as needing safer water to prevent widespread illness. Costing $5000 to provide each school,  the project is needing to raise $1 million dollars and Disaster Aid is looking for sponsorship from clubs and organisations.  Muriel thanked Ted for making the long journey down from Youngtown to update us on another wonderful humanitarian project initiated by Rotary.

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