Club History



  • The Rotary club of Moonah was charted by ROTARY INTERNATIONAL on the 29th January 1955.
  • The date of the FORMATION of the club was the 16th November 1954.
  • Our sponsor club was the RC of Hobart
  • MRC was charted with 24 members
  • Harry Arnold was the first “Charter” president of MRC & He continued on the following Rotary year (1954/55 & 1955/56)
  • RCM has sponsored two other clubs “New Norfolk” chartered in 1959, and “Glenorchy” Chartered in 1964.
  • On the 21st June 1971 a charter was presented for a MOONAH ROTARACT CLUB with 26 members. The 1st club president was David Miller. The club recessed in the early 1980’s.
  • The Moonah ROTARIANNES were the wives of the Moonah Rotary Club Rotarian’s.  the club was founded on 1st February 1961 and went into recess in April 1989.
  • The First Tasmanian (9830) FEMALE DISTRICT GOVERNOR came from the club.  Muriel Heron was the 9830 District Governor in 2004/05.

Rotarian Stan Sheppard, 1959/60 Past President Ken Lowrie, 1970/71 PP Merv Floyed, 1956/57 PP Keith Dickenson, 1965/66 PP Harold Carter, 1977/78 PP Kevin Quon

Past president’s of Moonah club taken in 2010.

PP Keith Dickenson aged 101 years.

Past President Harold Carter. Taken at club meeting Nov 2010


1954/55   Harry Arnold

1955/56    Harry Arnold

1956/57   Keith Dickenson

1957/58   Neil M Reynolds

1958/59   Wal J Bowman

1959/60  Ken F Lowrie

1960/61  Ian B Mcdonald

1961/62  David F Ellis

1962/63  Owen Grahame

1963/64  Don R Walters

1064/65  Walter Hill

1965/66  A. Harold Carter

1966/67  Jack E Dean

1967/68  Algie C Rothwell

1968/69  Ian Robinson

1969/70  Stan W Gough

1970/71  Merv S Floyd

1971/72  Reg D Barker

1972/73  H.C. Bert Stevens

1973/74  Gerry E Walters

1974/75  Lou J Jelfs

1975/76  Vic N Fize

1976/77  W.D. Mark Cook

1977/78  Kevin G Quon

1978/79  Kevin J Frazer

1979/80  Allan W Leth

1980/81  Geoff  N Hurd

1981/1982  A.E. Tony Cotton

1982/83  A J Parkinson

1983/84  E W Bing White

1984/85 Gerry F Haley

1985/86  Alan C Wills

1986/87  Gordon Stewert

1987/88   Brian Clegg

1988/89   Keith Walters

1989/90   Denis McKercher

1990/91   Tom Clifford

1991/92   Michael Gentile

1992/93  Michael Spencer

1993/94   Ken Webster

1994/95   Ian Mansfield

1995/96  Mike Walpole

1996/97   Barry Titmus

1997/98  Mike Patten

1998/99   Brian Medwin

1999/2000 Muriel Heron

2000/01   Bev Wills

2001/02   John Parr

2002/03   Peter Hall

2003/04   Charmaine White

2004/05  Elisabeth Ardern

2005/06   Wally van Schie

2006/07   Nigel Hyland

2007/08   Frank Hill

2008/09  Frank Hill

2009/10   Wally van Schie

2010/11   Elisabeth Ardern

Go to our PHOTO GALLERY FOR SOME GREAT PHOTO’S ON THE HISTORY of our club, as well as copies of the first 50 years of the clubs achievements.

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