Guest Speaker – Author Elizabeth Fleetwood

How fortunate we were to have as our guest speaker Elizabeth Fleetwood, author of  ‘Crying in the Wind.” A ten year labour of love it has been described by historian Professor Henry Reynolds as a”big saga tracing it’s people through centuries of Island life -fascinating and well informed by in depth historical research” Following four groups of Tasmanians – Indigenous, a Dutch immigrant family, a Scottish Family and Convicts it covers 200 years of of a violent transformation of the original “paradise ‘ to the Tasmania we know today. Although the central characters are fictitious it is rich in historical facts, many unknown to most Tasmanians, and  written in such away to not be as dry as most records of history are. The book has been accepted by senior schools for their programs and it is likely that this will happen Australia wide. Elizabeth’s love of Tasmanian history came after years of running her own business,  Tasmanian Historical Tours. We wish her well for the ongoing success of her book and look forward to reading the stories.

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